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For more information, please contact one of our offices

33 Daws Lane
London NW7 4SD

Žižkov Roháčova 37
Prague 3
Czech Republic

Our old office address was:-
Bořivojova 35
Prague 3
Czech Republic


+42 02 5571 2656
+44 20 3034 1304
+44 20 3006 3026

To send an eMail, click here

IdyllicPrague.com is a web based business.  It is therefore almost always preferable to communicate
with IdyllicPrague by sending an email rather than by telephone.  We do understand that some
Guests like to have the reassurance of speaking to a live human being before making a booking and
therefore wish to communicate live with a member of the IdyllicPrague.com team by telephone. 
If this is the case, it is usually more expedient to agree a time for the telephone call by email
in advance, rather than telephoning +44 20 3006 3026 in the hope that someone is available
at the time of your call to receive your call.

Prior to your holiday IdyllicPrague.com will post several contact telephone numbers to you.
Unlike +44 20 3006 3026 these numbers will be answered live most of the time.

If you are driving by car to your IdyllicPrague.com Cottage then it is very important that
you inform IdyllicPrague.com of the time of your expected arrival many hours in advance
(usually when you start your journey) and update your arrival estimate as you enter the
Czech Republic.  For details of driving to Conifer Cottage click here, and for details of
driving to Cherry Tree Cottage here.

During your holiday it is also best to communicate by email rather than by telephone.
IdyllicPrague endeavour to provide internet broadband WiFi and some simple computer
workstations for internet access.    In addition to the free internet access that IdyllicPrague
endeavours to provide, IdyllicPrague also provide local Prague telephone contact numbers to
Guests, and these can be called from the Cottage telephones without charge to the Guests.

We do encourage you please to communicate with the IdyllicPrague.com team, (preferably
by email) if for example you cannot find an item in the Cottages, or if repairs or maintenance
are needed.  Please do not wait until you are leaving before informing us that a repair or
maintenance is needed.  If we know about a maintenance request early we can usually make
the repair in time to enhance your holiday experience, and we can ensure that the Cottage is in
perfect order before the following Guest arrives.

The local Prague telephone numbers that will be provided to you include

    +420 724 07 ````

    +420 603 41 ````

    +420 262 20 ````

and others.

Please note that the numbers published here are incomplete - IdyllicPrague.com
will provide you with the full telephone numbers before your holiday.



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