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European Flights to Prague 

Travelling to Prague by train takes 20+ hours and costs £100-£200 return.
Travelling to Prague by coach takes an hour longer and costs £50 - £100 return.

We often purchase CSA flights between London and Prague
for between £60 and £120 return including tax. 

Cut price airlines have been available for a while, but recently more
and more of our guests are reporting fantastic bargains such as
return flights UK>Prague>UK including tax for £35 or even less!

One of our guests Matthew sent me an eMail recently "just for your
information on your web page both jet2.com and bmibaby both do
extremely cheap lights to Prague from Leeds and Manchester
respectively.  Loads of flights are available for £5.99 each way
excluding taxes (£10 approx) if people book early and search about."

UK Airport To CSA BA Cut Price Cut Price Cut Price
Belfast Prague     Jet2    
Birmingham Prague CSA        
Bristol Prague     EasyJet    
Edinburgh Prague CSA        
Leeds Prague     Jet2    
Gatwick Prague   BA EasyJet    
Heathrow Prague CSA BA      
Stansted Prague CSA   EasyJet    
Manchester Prague CSA   bmibaby    
Manston Prague     Avensa    
Newcastle Prague     EasyJet    
Nottingham Prague     EasyJet bmibaby  
Ireland To CSA Airline Cut Price Cut Price Cut Price
Cork Prague CSA        
Dublin Prague CSA Aer Lingus      
France To CSA Airline Airline Cut Price Cut Price
Lyon Prague CSA AF      
Marseille Prague CSA        
Paris CDG Prague CSA QS JL    
Germany To CSA Airline Cut Price Cut Price Cut Price
Berlin Teg Prague CSA AF      
Cologne Prague CSA AF      
Dortmond Prague     EasyJet    
Dusseldorf Prague CSA LH      
Frankfurt Prague CSA LH      
Hamburg Prague CSA        
Hanover Prague CSA        
Munich Prague CSA LH      
Netherlands To CSA Airline Airline Cut Price Cut Price
Amsterdam Prague CSA KLM QS    
Budapest Prague CSA Malev TAP    
Krakow Prague CSA        
Vienna Prague CSA OS JK    
Warsaw Prague CSA LOT      

Let us know if you would like us to help you search the web for cheap flights
for you, and we will help you as best we can.  The following links may be

Czech Airlines    British Airways    EasyJet    Jet2.com

BMIbaby    TraveloCity    Who flies where  Buses and Trains

Worldwide Flights to Prague 

Prague’s International Airport  map (in Czech "Letišti Praha Ruzyně") is
on the  outskirts of Prague to the West North West of the city. 
(IdyllicPrague is a 15 min 8km taxi ride to the North East from the airport.) 
Prague Airport is served by many international airlines, is a hub
for the Sky Team Alliance and is the main hub from which
Czech Airlines (CSA) base their operations.  Although inter-continental
routes from Prague are slowly expanding most intercontinental
travellers to Prague fly via another European hub such as Heathrow,
Paris, Frankfurt, Munich or Amsterdam.  CSA operates mainly in Europe
but does also offer direct flights to New York, Toronto and Montreal.


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