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Click here for details of horse riding and horse drawn carriages direct from your Cottage.

See www.expats.cz/prague/article/czech-cooking/picnicking-and-barbecuing-in-prague/

Rambling and Exploring by bicycle

Conifer Cottage is not on a road, but is on "cycle track 8100".
(But do not worry, cars and taxis can drive up to the house!) 
By request, we will be pleased to provide you with bicycles.

Following a stream flowing down into the Vltava river, cycle
track 8100 runs through a delightful forested National Park
called "Tyche Udoli" which means "Silent Valley".  Inclines are
gentle and the track has a reasonable surface, making cycling
and rambling easy and pleasurable.  Click here for photos.

On reaching the main Vltava river, cycle tracks continue along both banks of the river.
Particularly to be recommended is the chain ferry, which for 15kc will carry you and your
bicycle across the river to explore further cycle tracks on the far river bank.


Exploring on foot

The cycle tracks, paths, forests and lakes of the National Park are as popular with
ramblers as with cyclists.   The tranquil valley and enticing paths lead to intriguing
wild life discoveries.  Click here for photos

Cerny Vul translates as "Black
Bullock".  A sign on the cycle path
states "Cerny Vul is a site of rich
archaeological finds.  A Neolithic
ceramic bull's head found here gave
the village its name."  
Únětice culture is the name given
to an early Bronze Age culture.

Walking from the Cottage. The Cottage is on "Cycle Route
8100" which is clearly marked. It is also marked as the
"blue route" with white/blue/white trail markers. As you
leave the Cottage you can turn left or right. On foot, we
generally turn left. If you turn right you will eventually reach
Okor castle - (click here) for www.zamky-hrady.cz/6/okor.htm.

Turning left will follow the stream down through "Tiche Udoly"
(silent valley national park) to the main river.

One small complication - as you leave the Cottage and turn left onto Cycle Track 8100,
you will walk past two lakes on your right. Then suddenly the cycle track is signposted
up a very steep track to the left. You can follow that if you like - but we generally
walk straight on into "Unetice Village" and Unetice Village Shop.  If you keep heading
in the same direction with the stream on your right, you will rejoin "Cycle Track 8100"
soon enough.

When eventually the stream you have been following meets the main river, turn
left and follow the main river downstream. (Cycle Track 8100 takes a detour around
the streets, but we recommend that you stay with the path by the stream,
it is a more pleasant walk.)  After about a mile, you will reach the "rope ferry"
across the main river. It is great fun to cross the river on the "rope ferry" - and
Cycle Track 8100 continues for miles the other side. Alternatively, having crossed
the river you can turn right and continue up river until eventually you will arrive
at Prague Zoo. That is a long cycle ride, so it would be an extremely long walk!

Another alternative is not to cross the river, but to carry
on on the same side of the main river, following the
river down stream. After about a mile the railway is on
your left, and a steep hill rises on your left. At the top
of that hill is an extremely ancient Church, still in use,
claimed to be "the first Church in Bohemia" and situated
in the fascinating village of "Levý Hradec".  Click on the following
links for more pictures and information 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Do have a look at the IdyllicPrague photos to get some
idea of where you can walk. We love it!

For more details of "Tiché údolí" Silent Valley National Park click here

Exploring by Bicycle

For a blog written by an enthusiastic local cyclist, click here.


Exploring by Car

Maybe 10 minutes drive from the cottage is the ruin of
Okor castle, set in a delightful village www.zamky-hrady.cz/6/okor.htm

For more details of the Prague 6 area www.praha6.cz/eng/

"Silver Mountain" was once the source of European silver currency
and is the origin of the word "dollar" www.kutnahora.cz/index.php?lns=2

A chapel built of human bones can be found at

Cesky Raj (Czech Paradise) is a delightful area to explore,
maybe only 1 hour from the cottage www.ceskyraj.cz/english/start.htm

Prague is fantastic for theatre, opera, concerts etc

There are many fascinating castles in Czech Republic

Karlstejn is the most famous castle near to Prague.

There are several spa towns in Czech Republic 

Cesky Krumlov is a favourite historic Czech town

Telc gives a wonderful feeling of history and calm

The Krkonose mountains form a natural northern border with Poland

Other Ideas From Suchdol University

There are plenty of useful ideas here http://www.czu.cz/en/?r=957&i=1675

There is a University Campus near IdyllicPrague in Suchdol. 
From Cerny Vul walk through the forest past 2 lakes to Únětice (click here
Walk past the Únětice shop.  After the 3rd lake on your right, turn diagonally
right up the hill through forest.  At the top is Suchdol

Here are some suggestions from the University website: -

National Museum - www.nm.cz
Náprstek Museum of Asia, Africa and America - www.nm.cz
National Technical Museum- www.ntm.cz

Art Galleries
National Gallery in Prague (Collection of old art) – www.ng-ssu.cz
Centre for modern and contemporary art of the National Gallery - www.ngprague.cz

Theatres and Operas
National Theatre – www.nd.cz
Estates Theatre – www.nd.cz
State Opera – www.opera.cz/en
Laterna Magica – www.laterna.cz

Concerts, Musicals, Festivalswww.musica.cz

Cinema Programmes
Czech films with English subtitles – www.svetozor.cz
General Overview – www.cokdyakde.cz/filmy.html.

Music Clubs
Agharta Jazz Club – Krakovská 5, Prague 1
Rock Café – Národní 20, Prague 1
Malostranská Beseda – Malostranské Náměstí 21, Prague 1
General Overview – www.pis.cz/en

Restaurants and Pubs in your vicinity (Prague 6)
Restaurace – Pub na Farmě (CZU refectory, ground floor) Mon-Fri 10:30 - 23:00
Starosuchdolská Pub (Starý Suchdol) 11:00 – 23:00
Grill Billiard Club, Kafkova 47, Prague 6; Mon-Thu 9:00 – 02:00, Fri 9:00-03:00, Sat-Sun 15:00-02:00 
U Zívalů Pub, Kyjevská 1, Mon-Fri 10:00-23:00, Sat-Sun 11:30-22:30
Budvarka Pub, Wuchterlova 22, Mon-Sun 13:00-23:00
Pizzeria Francesco, Kyjevská 12
Pizzeria Grosetto Pepini, Jugoslávských Partizánů 8
Pizzeria Sklípek, Starý Suchdol.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Prague
Govinda´s, Soukenická 27 Prague 1, Mon-Fri 11:00 – 18:00
Govinda´s , Na Hrázi 4, Prague 8, Mon-Fri 12:00 – 18:00
Balarama, Orlická 9, Prague 3, Mon-Fri 11:00 – 17:30
Country Life, Melantrichova, Mon-Thu 11:00 – 18:00
Albio, Truhlářská, Mon-Sun 12:00 – 22:00


International Bookstores
The Globe Pštrosova 6, Prague 1 www.globebookstore.cz  phone: 224 934 203
Oukydouky, U Veletržního Paláce, Prague 7
Bohemian Ventures, Nám. Jana Palacha 2, Prague 1
U Knihomola, Mánesova 79, Prague 2
Big Ben Book Store, Malá Stuparská 5, Prague 1  phone: 224 826 565

Currency: Koruna (plural koruny) or crown, abbreviated Kč (CZK in banks).
Each crown is divided into 100 haléř or hellers.
Bank notes (50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 CZK) bear a forgery- resistant silver strip
and several watermarks. Coins in use are 0.50, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 CZK.
The Czech crown is fully convertible. The approximate rate of CZK towards the EUR is 28: 1.
Exchange: Never change currency on the street. The official exchange rates of the
Czech National Bank can be consulted at www.cnb.cz/en. Current conversion rates
at www.kb.cz/en.  It´s best to visit one of the main banks (Česká Spořitelna, Komerční Banka,
Česká Obchodní Banka)  or its subsidiary office (Vítězné náměstí and Dejvická street inPrague 6)
open usually 8:00 – 17:00 Mon-Fri. You may also see American Express (Václavské náměstí 56,
Phone 222 800 237) and Thomas Cook´s (Národní 28, Phone 221 105 371).
ATMs (Bankomat): There are plenty of ATMs (Bankomat) in Prague, practically at every corner.
There is even an ATM at the ground floor of  Menza (Refectory) CULS, and at the local Suchdol bus stop
“Zemědělská Universita”. ATMs deliver local currency only. You may use any of the following cards:
Master,Cirrus, Maestro, Eurocard, Visa and Visa Plus.
Basic commodity prices: A meal at the cheapest pub will cost you around CZK 80. - , drinks not included.
At a restaurant you pay CZK 150.-  to 350.- for a complete menu. Drinks cost between CZK 25.- and 75.-.
Clothes cost more or less the same as in other EU countries. The price of a ticket to the cinema is
CZK 120. -  to 150.- , to a concert between CZK 350.- and 1800.-, to the opera between CZK 300.- and 1500.-.
Food in shops and supermarkets is cheaper than in the EU (about 50%).

Public transportation: The public transport system in Prague is very cheap, reliable and comprehensive.
For information on schedules and rates please consult www.mhd-praha.cz . You can buy tickets for CZK 20. -
at automatic dispensers, at stationery shops, newspaper stands, etc. You must validate them right upon
entering the means of transport. They are valid for 60 min. There are also monthly, quarterly and year passes available.
Taxis: Be careful if you´re getting a taxi in Prague. Taxi drivers here have a reputation of being notoriously dishonest.
Avoid hailing a taxi or taking a taxi from a taxi stand. On the other hand, the dial-a-taxi companies tend to be
honest and reliable. Here are some of them: AAA Radio Taxi: 222 333 222; City Taxi: 233 103 310; Halo Taxi: 244 114 411.
Bike: There´s plenty of bicycle paths in the countryside around the CULS campus. But travelling by bicycle to or
from the city centre is not at all recommendable. Prague City Centre is not a bicycle-friendly place.
Travelling outside Prague: When you travel outside Prague you may use your own car (don´t use your car in the city,
it´s not worth it) or the train, Buses, or you may fly. 
Train: Consult schedules and destinations at www.cd.cz . For international information  phone: 840 112 113. 
Eurail Passes for students are popular with US students who want to visit other places in Europe as well.
These passes must be bought in your country of origin. The Main Station is called Hlavní nádraží and you
may reach it with the Metro C (see public transport).
Bus: Consult schedules and destinations at www.florenc.cz  or www.studentagency.cz.
The Central Bus Station is called Praha- Florenc and you may reach it either by Metro B or C (see public transport).
Airport: The Prague International Airport is close to the CULS campus (click on After your Arrival).
There is a 24 Hours Info line at the airport. Phone:220 113 314. Also consult www.csl.cz  for Airlines
operating from and to Prague.
Post offices: The Main Post Office Jindřišská 14, Prague 1 (Open O2:00 – 24:00), Post Office Dejvice Kafkova 19 Praha 6
(Open weekdays 8:00 – 20:00, Saturday 8:00 – 13:00) Post Office Suchdol Internacionální (10 minutes from the campus,
Open Weekdays 8:00 – 18:00)
Inland calls: Public phones usually require telephone cards. They cost CZK 200.- and you can buy them at the
Post Office or at most News Stands (Trafika)
International calls: To make an international call from the Czech Republic you may also use a telephone card.
To phone home you may consult long distant carriers such as AT and T (00420 00101), BTDirect (00420 04401).
Prices to countries in the EU and US are very reasonable. Calling elsewhere may be costly.
Mobile Phones: Consult your mobile phone operator at home on the conditions and prices in the Czech Republic
(T Mobile, Eurotel, Vodafone)
Telephone Info: Domestic: 1180; International: 1181.

Express parcel shipping: DHL International www.dhl.cz
Translation services: www.mem.cz; www.interlin.cz;

Prague Info: www.pis.cz

Ticke udoli - Silent Valley National Park

See http://www.prazskestezky.cz/unet/index.html

See http://envis.praha-mesto.cz/rocenky/chruzemi/cr2_antx/chu63.htm

 The valley of the Únětický potok brook and adjacent slopes and plateaux in the respective cadastres. Cadasters: Roztoky nr. Prague (district Prague-West), Suchdol and Prague 6. Area: 114.2343 ha. Elevation: 195 - 300 m above sea level. Established by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Education No. IX-357-2-51 of August 10, 1951, the Ordinance of the Ministry of Education No. 100.988/51 of September 9, 1951, and the Ordinance of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic No. 14 200/88 of November 29, 1988.

 Protection of the general character of the landscape, indigenous flora, minor fauna and geological formations.

 The bedrock consists of Proterozoic rocks with the prevalence of greywackes, siltstones and shales and a powerful strip of lydites (silicites in the west. There are also veins of porphyric and basalt rocks. Loamy and stony screes, deluvium, loess with rankers and brown earths on top, relics of tropic weathering. Dispersed boulders below lyditeridges.

 Large woods with alternating cow-wheat oak and hornbeam, woodrush oak, heather oak and hornbeam and maple woods. The formerly mown valley meadows change spontaneously into alder woods. The northern bare slopes used to be covered with large heaths which receded after forestation. Similarly the acidophilous rocky steppes and sandy areas on southern slopes are becoming overgrown with shrubs - hawthorn, dog rose, blackthorn and in succession sequence with ash and oak trees. The number of important species includes Corydalis pumila in oak and hornbeam wood, Alyssum montanum on the prophyrite vein, Biscutella varia on the diabase vein, and Corynephorus canescens and Helichrysum arenarium on sandy terraces.

 The wood is partly natural and continuous (testified to by the presence of Acalles comutatus), partly artificial, including alien wood species (false acacia, red oak, and others). This is reflected also in invertebrate fauna: typical and significant species can be found in natural parts of the forest only. The number of ground beetles includes e.g. Amara nitida, Poecilus virens, Pterostichus burmeisteri and Abax ovalis, the number of phytophagous leaf beetles e.g. Clytra quadripunctata, Cryptocephalus marginatus, Phylotreta ochripes and Aphtona cyanella, the snout beetles the terricolous Brachysomus echinatus, Trachodes hispidus. The oaks host Polydrusus marginatus and Curculio pellitus, the hazel Curculio nucum, the elm Magdalis armigera, the scots pine Polydrusus impar and others. Plectophloeus erichsoni erichsoni from the Pselaphidae family was found here. The butterfly species include e.g. the swallow-tail (Papilio machaon) and the scarce swallowtail (Iphiclides podalirius), the small tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae) and the garden tiger (Arctia caja). The gastropods are represented by Perforatella bidentata. Numerous vertebrate specis, especially birds. Nesting site of the green and the grey woodpeckers and the wryneck. There are about 50 species of passerines including the icterine warbler, the serin, the bullfinch, the goldfinch and the yellow-hammer. Some 20 mammal species. However, the suslik and the hamster have disappeared.

 The better part of the area (over 100 ha) is covered with mixed woods at present with the prevalence of oaks (42.5%), pines (21.4%), hornbeams (10.9%) and birches (7.7%). The admixture of the red oak propagates intensively by shoots. Inadequate wood species planted after the Second World War devastated completely some valuable areas, such as the area covered with Filipendula ulmaria below the Kozí hřbety ridge.

 The forest was influenced anthropically as early as in the prehistorc time. There is a Hallstatt mound burial ground on the plateau. The slopes were used as pastures and subjected to secondary forestation only at the beginning of the 20th century. The area is threatened by heavy tourist traffic (from the nearby city). Forest management conforms with the approved forest management plan. Accidental tree felling, hunting, grazing. There is an educational track through the reserve.

 Kubíková (1985), Kubíková, Molíková (1980).


For a deep understanding of the beauty of Prague and the Czech Countryside we recommend

www.martinrak.cz/galerie/praha/ www.martinrak.cz/galerie/czech-republic/ https://500px.com/martas

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