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Computer Work Stations, WiFi   
and Internet Resilience

If you are in Cherry Tree Cottage and there are problems with your internet connection,
the easiest emergency solution may be to pickup the wifi signal outside Conifer Cottage.
If you are in Conifer Cottage and there are problems with your internet connection,
the easiest emergency solution may be to pickup the wifi signal outside Cherry Tree Cottage.

IdyllicPrague.com understand that for some
Guests the provision of a reliable broadband WiFi
internet connection is very important.  
Both Conifer Cottage and Cherry Tree Cottage
are therefore each fitted with ADSL WiFi broadband
modems.  In addition, to increase WiFi access throughout
the Cottages, WiFi repeaters are fitted. 
In the case of Cherry Tree Cottage this should
spread the WiFi signal throughout Cherry Tree Cottage
Cherry Tree Lodge and Cherry Garden Suite
In the case of Conifer Cottage this should spread the
WiFi signal to Ve Mlejne beer garden as well as
throughout Conifer Cottage.  So you can freely surf
the internet as you enjoy a beer in a delightful
beer garden!

In addition, standard RJ45 LAN cable connections are available in
Conifer Cottage, Cherry Tree Cottage and Cherry Tree Lodge
but not Cherry Garden Suite.  In Cherry Garden Suite only WiFi
is available.

IdyllicPrague.com are very careful NOT to promise internet connections.
In early years we did suffer from some unreliability of broadband service
for Guests.  This was caused primarily by two problems

    1)    Broadband was not as robust in the countryside as in the city

    2)    It is very difficult to protect the equipment from children of prior Guests

If, for example the child of a previous Guest has meddled
with the equipment and we only discover the problem
when the Guest leaves, we regret that we cannot guarantee to
repair the equipment for the following Guest.

Nevertheless, we have learned a number of tricks, and are now
much more successful at keeping the equipment fully operational
and available to all Guests.  We are currently typically able to
keep the equipment running for at least a year between problems.

Although we do attempt to provide computer workstations, we
recommend that you bring your own laptop computer with you.

If internet access during your holiday is particularly important to you we recommend

    1)    Let us know in advance that internet connectivity is important to you

    2)    Bring you own laptop/notebook computer with WiFi

    3)    In the very unlikely event of a problem with the WiFi broadband internet
            service in your Cottage, we recommend that you walk around to the
            other IdyllicPrague.com Cottage and connect to the WiFi signal there.


For details of the double broadband IdyllicPrague.com provided a few years ago, click here.
We have been able to discontinue the idiosyncratic "GTRAN" service as the technical
broadband infrastructure has improved in the Bohemian countryside, enabling us to
rely on standard ADSL Broadband modem equipment.

For more photographs, click here

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