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This Conifer Cottage inventory was believed correct at the time of
writing it, and is intended to be indicative for both Cottages. 
We try to repair and replace when breakages or malfunctions occur,
but this can take time, particularly if we are not immediately notified.
If any particular piece of furniture or appliance is important to you,
please discuss it with us before your holiday.


Large dining table (not folding)
Glass heat mat
15 stackable dining chairs
2 light fittings
Kitchen bin
Under sink mat
2 pairs curtains
Microwave oven
2 notice boards
Radio controlled wall clock with remote temperature sensor
Dustpan and brush
2 pictures
Electric hob with hob covers, fan over
Fan electric oven with 2 grid shelves and 2 solid shelves

NEW!  Filter coffee maker added!


Kitchen cupboards

Under oven

2 large wooden salad bowls
6 small wooden salad bowls
3 trays

Under sink

2 washing up bowls
Vegetable scrubbing brush
Plug for sink
Plastic drainer
Soap holder
Microwave shelf
4 baking trays
3 roasting tins with 2 inserts
1 rectangular baking tray

Under hob

Egg poacher for 4 with lid
Egg poacher for one with lid
2 saucepans with lids
Large frying pan
Small frying pan
Pressure cooker with trivet
Cake tin
Jam tart tin
Folding trivet
Grill pan with grid and removable handle

Left hand glasses cupboard

10x large beer mugs
1 x large beer glass
4 x small beer mugs
10 x tall tumblers

Right hand glasses cupboard

Ice bucket with grid and tongs
Wine bucket
Cocktail shaker
10 x liquor glasses/cups
10 x small glasses
5 x brandy glasses
19 x small tumblers
10 x wine glasses
10 x champagne glasses
10 x sherry glasses
1 x glass carafe
1 x glass jug

Above oven

1 x glass frying pan with lid
 2 x large glass sauce pans with lids
1 medium glass sauce pan with lid
1 small glass sauce pan with lid
1 v small glass sauce pan without lid
2 glass rectangular dishes

Under window right

Salad spinner
Microwave plate stacker
2 large colanders
1 small colander
3 square plastic boxes with lids
3 rectangular plastic boxes with lids
3 small plastic boxes with lids
6 microwave egg cups
1 microwave potato holder

Under window Left

Large casserole dish with lid
Small casserole dish with lid
2 round dishes
5 plastic bowls
Mixing bowl
Small glass bowl
Flan dish
Soufflé dish
2 cheese graters
Mouli grater
10 side plates
10 breakfast plates
4 oval plates
11 desert bowls
8 egg cups (2 more to come)
1 large oval platter
9 stainless steel dishes
3 serving dishes

Top cupboard by window

10 tea cups
10 saucers
10 ramikin dishes
10 plastic beakers
10 cereal bowls
10 large plates

Above hob

Casserole dish with lid
Plastic measuring jug
2 plastic jugs with lids
Tea pot

Right of oven, top

10 usual size mugs
10 large mugs

Right of oven, bottom

Electric citrus squeezer
Plastic citrus squeezer
Sandwich toaster and lead
Slow cooker
Punch bowl with cups and ladle

Top drawer

Cutlery holder containing:
6 soup spoons
2 short soup spoons
4 table spoons
3 long handled tea spoons
10 teaspoons
10 forks
6 desert forks
12 knives
10 desert spoons
Ice cream scoop
Long handled slicing knife
Cork screw
Jar opener
Screw top bottle opener
2 can openers
Beer bottle opener
Small palate knife
Cheese knife
Paring knife
Bread knife
2 small slicing knives

2nd drawer

Cutlery holder containing:
Plastic whisk
Small whisk
Rolling pin
10 fish forks
10 fish knives
Tea strainer and holder
Cake slice
3 skewers
Pizza cutter
Nut crackers
Garlic press
Banana slicer
Kitchen timer
4 serviette rings

On hooks

Draining spoon
2 ladles
Vegetable masher
2 plastic spoons
Heat disperser for hob

On shelves

Salad servers        
Wooden spatula
2 wooden spoons
1 wooden fork
1 plastic spatula
Above 5 items in container
Czech phone directories
Kitchen scales with metric weights in box
Fire blanket (on wall)
2 extension leads
Kitchen towel holder
Heavy round bowl
Pair of oven gloves
Electric kettle on base (with scale collector gadget inside kettle)

Left cupboard

2 glass cake dishes
3 oval serving dishes

Right cupboard

1 plastic basket in wicker basket
3 oval table mats
10 place mats
10 coaster mats
Coffee jug
2 coffee mugs and saucers
Butter dish with lid
Salt cellar and pepper grinder
Gravy boat and saucer
2 small glass dishes, 1 lid
Tea caddy
Sugar jar

Bottom drawer

3 tea towels
2 dish clothes
Table cloth

On top

4 glass dishes in wooden base

Utility Room

Tall fridge/freezer
Hand held vacuum
2 pairs metal shelves
Light fittings
Ironing board on hanging hook
Iron with plastic filling cup
Vegetable rack
Bag of clothes pegs
Plastic apron

Living room

Light fitting
Fitted carpet
Door mat
3 pictures
2 pairs of curtains
Shelving unit with assortment of books, in particular several guide books etc of Prague
Television DVD
3 cordless phones and 2 charging base
4 vases
2 ornamental mugs
Beer jug
Liquor bottle
Settee with loose cushions which can be used as a single bed, 3 extra cushions
2 pouffes
Extendable table
Coffee table 
2 swivel chairs
Anniversary clock

Downstairs bedroom

Light fitting
2 pairs of curtains
Fitted carpet
Piano with stool
Wall mirror
2 lamps
Double bed with Ikea thin mattress over 2 single mattresses
In left hand drawer under bed: 2 double duvet covers, 2 double sheets, 4 pillow cases (in a set)
In right hand underbed drawer: double duvet
On bed:
Double duvet
2 pillows
Wardrobe 6 hangers
Small cupboard with tray on top
Heavy duty Z bed with curtain cover
Wall clock
Roller blind on door

Entrance hall

Light fitting
Burglar alarm
Shoe rack
Coat hooks fixed to wall
Chest of drawers with cupboard
Door mat

Main hall

Light fitting
Mirror on wall
3 pictures
2 wooden chairs
Radio controlled wall clock

Downstairs bathroom

Light fitting
Roller blind
Shower curtain
3 mats
Washing machine
Wall mirror
Free standing mirror
3 plastic baskets
2 soap holders
Radio controlled wall clock
Plastic stool
Waste bin
Mop and bucket

Downstairs toilet

Light fitting
Toilet brush

Lower stairs

2 pictures

Downstairs landing

Light fitting
Coat holder
2 pictures
Vacuum cleaner

Lower Floor

Light fitting
DVD player
Shelves on wall
Cupboard on wall containing safe
Wooden corner bench
Assortment of rugs
Garden furniture: 
Table with plastic cloth
19 chairs
Sun lounger
Parasol with cover and base
Large parasol with cover

Upper stairs

4 pictures

Upstairs landing

Light fitting
Floor standing electric fan
Step stool
Pole for loft hatch
Clothes airer
Cupboard containing:
Bath towels x 19
Hand towels x 14
Double sheets x 10
Single sheets x 12
Pillow cases x 35
Child’s sleeping bag
Blankets x 3
Quilted Bed spreads x 5
Other bed spreads x 3
Eiderdown x 1
Gate leg table with computer
DAN Computer (may be in Cherry Tree Cottage)
Computer monitor
GTRAN "Broadband" wireless modem (discontinued - replaced with ADSL)
WiFi Access Point
Compaq ‘Deskpro’ Computer Intel Pentium III 1Ghz 256 MB RAM with simple eMail and internet web browser software, monitor, mouse and keyboard
D-Link DSL-G664T ADSL modem 
Click here for more details
2 light weight Z beds
Coffee table

Upstairs bathroom

Light fitting
Shower curtain
2 soap holders
Chest of drawers
Wall mirror
Free standing mirror
Waste bin
Radio controlled wall clock
Plastic stool
Clothes basket

Upstairs toilet

Light fitting
Toilet brush

Main bedroom

Light fitting
2 pairs of curtains
Fitted carpet
Double bed with sheepskin and mattress cover
3 under bed drawers
Double duvet
2 pillows
2 tables
2 bedside tables
4 chest of drawers
3 wardrobes fixed to wall each with 6 hangers
Radio controlled wall clock
Waste bin
Roller blind

Bedroom 3

Light fitting
2 pairs curtains
Fitted carpet
2 single beds with storage under
2 mattress covers
2 single duvets
10+ pillows under bed
2 wardrobes each with 6 hangers
2 tables
2 chest of drawers
Mains clock/radio
White cupboard
Wooden chair
Swivel chair
Electric extension lead
Waste bin
Roller blind on door

Bedroom 4

Light fitting
Pair of curtains
2 rugs
2 single beds with mattress covers and single duvets
Under bed drawer
Wardrobe with 6 hangers
Chest of drawers 
Desk with mirror free standing
Wooden cupboard
Swivel chair
3 shelf units
Waste bin
Roller blind on door


2 folding chairs



Snow shovel
Light table
Roof box
Light fitting


Bikes for hire
Assortment of garden tools


2 metal door mats
Fibre door mat
Parasol base
Stone table by barbeque
Rotary clothes line

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