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IdyllicPrague.com strongly discourages Guests from attempting any repairs
or adjustments to any of the equipment in the Cottages.  Instead Guests
should contact the IdyllicPrague.com team and ask for help.

At the end of each Guest rental the IdyllicPrague.com team strive to
clean and renovate the Cottages to ensure that the Cottages are in
excellent order for the subsequent Guests.   There is often little time
for this turnaround.  If the IdyllicPrague.com team find that an appliance
is not operating according to normal settings, it may be necessary for
them to call a professional to ensure that the Cottage is in excellent
order for the next Guests.  IdyllicPrague.com may have to charge Guests
for such expert adjustment, even if no damage has been inflicted on the

The links below are to the instruction manuals of some of the equipment in
the Cottages.

Digilogic Telewizor 14" DDVDC1E






Brand   Type/Model  
Matsui washing machine MWM1000E  
Matsui toaster MPT121W  
Panasonic phone set KXTG1102 Duo  
  radio clock 3165  
Indesit dish machine IDL 550 EU  
Zanussi   ZWF 826  
Rohnson vacuum cleaner R 163 1600 W
DVD Player   Tesco 1030  
Amstrad  Satellite receiver SRX 320 E  
Digilogic TV 14 DDVDC1E  
Hptronic Microwave    
LG refrigerator GU 151SA  
  Digital receiver SL 35T  
Cookworks jug kettle    
Coffemaker   CM1  
MORA a.s. gas cooker 2423 1012  
Nisatherm Heating regulator EUR 093  
Bush remote control AK20  
Ufesa hair dryer MJ 8321  
O2 D link DSL 362T  
Electric cooker   DHP1  
  Microwave FMOM717W  
Indesit washing machine WIA 102  



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