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For details of disabled and wheelchair access to Cherry Tree Cottage, click here.
For details of disabled and wheelchair access to Cherry Garden Suite, click here.
For details of disabled and wheelchair access to Conifer Cottage,       click here.
For more details of Cherry Tree Lodge click here and for more details of Cherry Garden Suite click here.

Disabled and Wheelchair Access Statement

Cherry Tree Lodge

We are delighted to announce that the Ground Floor Toilet Shower Room was fully rebuilt specifically for
wheelchair and disabled access 2008/02.  For details click here.  The ground floor of Cherry Tree Lodge
is therefore now very convenient for disabled and wheelchair users.

See also Cherry Garden Suite and  Cherry Tree Cottage

Access to Left Hand Front Door

For driving directions to Cherry Tree Cottage, click here.

Access to the private house drive is via an electrically operated remotely controlled gate.  At the top
of the drive are twin garages with electrically operated remotely controlled doors.  In front of the
garage doors and in front of the two front doors to the house, is a 6 metre by 8 metre paved level area
ideal for dropping-off and picking-up from a car, taxi or minibus.  There are 2 front doors.  These notes
describe access via the right hand front door - the door nearest the garages, but access by either front
door is similar.

The front door step is 170mm high and the doors are 800mm wide.  A metal framed timber surfaced ramp is
available for access to the front door.  The current ramp is 600mm wide.  (A 1,000mm wide ramp has
been ordered.)   The door is well lit and in addition lights are fitted above the doors.  All light
switches are 1,200mm above the floor throughout the house, and all ground floor doors are 800mm wide.
All rooms are illuminated by both natural and artificial light.  All internal doors have lever action handles.

Main Kitchen

The bright, double aspect kitchen
is fully equipped with sink drainer,
dishwasher, refrigerator, worktop,
cupboards, electric oven, gas hobs,
microwave, electric kettle, coffee
maker, toaster, crockery, cutlery
and cooking utensils for 10 guests.
Click here for details of 2nd kitchen

Everything is readily accessible at
standard worktop height (900mm
above the ground) with the exception
of one wall mounted cupboard
containing crockery.  The contents
of this wall mounted cupboard can be
moved to a floor level cupboard prior
to Guest arrival, on request.

Click here for details of Rent-a-Chef.

Dining Area

The Dining Area is open plan to the kitchen and extends into a garden bay.  A large dining table and ten stackable dining chairs are provided.


Front Room

Double glass doors connect the Dining Area to the Front Room which includes a double sofa bed and an extra large double sofa bed, a television with  DVD, a fixed line phone and cordless telephone and an ADSL WiFi broadband internet connection.  Two patio doors lead out to the garden.

Orchard Room

Double glass doors connect the Entrance Hall to the Orchard Room which includes 2 extra large double sofa beds
and a book case with an assortment of books.  Double patio doors lead to the garden and barbeque.  The top 2 pictures
below are looking from the Front Door to the Orchard Room, the bottom 2 from the Orchard Room to the Front Door.
Full length curtains over the double glass doors provide privacy when the Orchard Room is used as a bedroom

Toilet Shower Room on Ground Floor

This toilet shower room on the ground floor has been especially built for wheelchair and disabled
use with roll-in shower and 800mm wide door.  Grab handles and shower seats are included.

Special note - if your holiday is before 2008/04/01 then please click here

3 Double Bedrooms Upstairs

The 3 Double Bedrooms on the upper floor of Cherry Tree Lodge are the Family Bedroom
the Master Bedroom, and the Balcony Bedroom.  The Family Bedroom and the Master Bedroom
can accommodate 4 single beds or 2 double beds, the Balcony Bedroom can accommodate
3 single beds or a double bed and a single bed.

Family Bathroom Upstairs

The Family Bathroom is on the upper floor and includes a basin, washing machine, bath with shower, bidet and toilet.

Garden and Barbeque

A level paved path runs right around the outside of the Cottage.  Drain covers in front of the bay
window make the path slightly uneven.  Almost the entire garden is accessible from the same level.


Comparing Cottages

Conifer Cottage

Cherry Tree Cottage

Cherry Garden Suite

Cherry Tree Lodge

6+1 bedrooms 4+2 bedrooms 1 bedroom 3+2 bedrooms
3 bathrooms, 3 toilets 3 bathrooms, 3 toilets 1 bathroom, 1 toilet 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets
1 kitchen, 1 garage 2 kitchens, 2 garages 1 kitchen, 1 garage 1 kitchen, 1 garage
1-8 Guests from 50/night 1-6 Guests from 40/night 1-2 Guests from 15/night 1-5 Guests from 30/night
9-18 Guests from 6/Guest 7-14 Guests from 6/Guest 3-4 Guests from 6/Guest 6-12 Guests from 6/Guest
Ground floor is convenient for wheelchair & disabled Ground floor has full wheelchair access with 800mm doors etc Entire suite designed and built for full wheelchair access Ground floor has full wheelchair access with 800mm doors etc
Kitchen is convenient Both Kitchens wheelchair compliant Kitchen designed for wheelchair Kitchen wheelchair compliant
Toilet not adapted for wheelchair access (details) 2 toilet shower rooms designed and built for wheelchair access (details) Toilet shower room designed for wheelchair access (details) Toilet shower room designed for wheelchair access (details)
Details of Conifer Cottage Details of Cherry Tree Cottage Details of Cherry Garden Suite Details of Cherry Tree Lodge
Access to Conifer Cottage Access to Cherry Tree Cottage Access to Cherry Garden Suite Access to Cherry Tree Lodge