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All Guests will be asked to sign an Arrival Acceptance Form and a police registration form click here

For details of our price policy click here.  Click here for typical photos of IdyllicPrague bicycles

IdyllicPrague take no responsibility for the safety of any of the equipment. 
Please bring your own cycle helmets and safety equipment to ensure your own personal safety.

Cost of Bicycle Rental from IdyllicPrague

At the time of writing, the IdyllicPrague Bicycle Rental per bike was

   GBP 10 for the first day, GBP 1 for subsequent days

IdyllicPrague bicycle rental must be booked and paid in advance and is subject to availability.
Please check www.Calc.IdyllicPrague.com for current prices.

We regret that we cannot arrange bicycle rental after your arrival.  Our bicycle technician visits on
a pre-scheduled basis to make safety checks and to prepare the bicycles for you before you arrive.   
Although we will always try to be helpful, we cannot always respond to unscheduled requests.
In addition we regret that are unable to take any form of payment at the Cottages.

Bicycle Rental from other local suppliers

If you would prefer to arrange your own bicycle rental, alternative bicycle rentals charging
typically around GBP 20 per day include





Terms of Bicycle Rental

All Guests will be asked to sign an Arrival Acceptance Form which includes the following:-

1)                   Bicycle rental

By signing below Guest confirms the rental of bicycle/s No. .. registered at the IdyllicPrague.com Bicycle Register
and helmet/s. Guest declares and confirms by his/her/their signature that the bicycles and the helmets are in good
order and fit for use. For clarification a photograph may be taken of the rented bicycles. Guest is not allowed to sublease
the bicycle to any third person. Guest is not allowed to remove, add or swap any part of bicycle and is not entitled to use
any part of any other bicycle that may be available in the Cottage. IdyllicPrague.com recommends to Guest to secure
personal travel insurance for any Guest bicycle use to protect any of the Guests from incurring the cost of any injury or other mishap.

2)                   Bicycle disclaimer

IdyllicPrague.com keeps the bicycles in good order and services the bicycles regularly.  IdyllicPrague.com
disclaims all responsibility for the safety of any bicycles and related equipment.  Anyone using IdyllicPrague.com
bicycles must inspect and service the bicycles before use and must satisfy themselves that the bicycles are
fit for use and in good safe operating condition before using the bicycles.  Anyone using IdyllicPrague.com
bicycles must correctly use all appropriate safety equipment including helmets and gloves at all times when
using bicycles and must satisfy themselves that the safety equipment is fit for purpose and is used
according to the manufacturers' recommendations.  If a safety helmet receives a blow or other damage,
this can render the helmet unsafe, yet the damage may not be visible to inspection.  If the detailed
history of any helmet is not known then the helmet must not be considered safe or fit for purpose. 
If the bicycle user is unable to comply with any of these or any other safety requirements then
the bicycle user must stop using any bicycle equipment immediately and report the matter to IdyllicPrague.com. 
IdyllicPrague.com may then refund part of bicycle rental payments if appropriate.


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